Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu

Hands are the reflection of your personality and are arguably the most noticed part of your body. Your hands have the tendency to make or break your overall look and hence it is extremely important to cater them well. Here we are sharing some best Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu to ensure you soft smooth youthful hands for long.

Mix glycerin and lemon juice together and add in one teaspoon of boric acid. Stir well and use the mixture thrice a day over freshly washes hands. The lotion will work wonders to lighten hands and rendering them a soft silky touch.

Almond oil massage is yet another effectual remedy to gain and retain youthful hands.

Create a potion by combining equal amounts of lemon juice rosewater and glycerin..Collect the solution in a clean bottle and use everyday to enjoy stunning hands.

You can also brew a whitening lotion by blending together equal quantities of vinegar and lime juice.

Rubbing the mixture of alum and egg white onto hands elbows and nails will let you enjoy the prestige of having softer smoother hands nails and elbows.

To treat extremely hard and dry hands make a mask by mixing carbonic acid in petroleum jelly and apply it onto the affected skin before sleeping. Leave overnight and wash next morning with fresh water. This is one of the best Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu.

Another pack to cure dehydrated hands involves the use of egg white honey glycerin and sorghum. First combine a few drops of honey and glycerin in egg white and after stirring them well include handful of sorghum and set the consistency to a thick paste.

Every time you trim your nails dip them in warm olive oil beforehand. Also make a habit of rubbing olive oil on nails every night to increase their shine and health.

Vaseline is also an efficient alternative To cure undue hardness of nails.

You can also make your own hand cream at home with Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu  by mixing seven drops of almond oil in egg yolk..after getting it slightly warmed up pour in one tablespoon of rosewater and half tablespoon of tincture benzoinand blend well to make a consistent paste.

Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu

Beauty Tips For Hands in Urdu

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