Beauty Tips in Urdu Dark Circle

Eyes are said to be the windows to one’s soul and hence it is of utmost importance to cater them well so as to make them deliver on the best impact of your personality. Here are some Beauty Tips in Urdu Dark Circle to bat day-to-day eye related issues dark circles; exhaustion and bagginess etc. use the tips and get shiny eyes always!!!

Under eye skin is among the most sensitive and most susceptible skin areas. Even a little depression; anxiety; aging or lack of attention can leave you tackling with various under-eye skin issues including under-eye dark circles. Dark circles is among those pesky skin issues that can ruin your entire look so they must be treated ASAP. One of the best ways to cure dark circles is to put wet tea bags onto the eyes for a while.

Putting on raw potato or cucumber slices over the eyes is also an effective way to banish dark circles.

To freshen up tired eyes dampen two cotton pads in cold water and put them onto your closed eyes for ten minutes. You will feel relived and fresh in a jiffy.

Applying castor oil onto the lashes every night works wonders to lengthen the lashes and enhancing the charm of your peppers. This is the best Beauty Tips in Urdu Dark Circle.

A mixture of rosewater and honey also works great to increase the length and thickness of lashes.

Use of vitamin D capsules and massaging oil in the under-eye area nourishes the skin making your eyes appear more gorgeous and pretty.

Rub a little olive oil onto the eyebrows every night to make them thicker.

Goat milk is an excellent Beauty Tips in Urdu Dark Circle treatment to cure eye redness. Simply dip cotton pad in fresh goat milk and put it onto the effected area. Use the remedy regularly for quick results.

Make sure to wash your eyes with eye-bath every now and then in order to reduce the odds of developing any bacterial infection.

 Beauty Tips in Urdu Dark Circle

Beauty tips in urdu dark circle

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