Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu

Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu; as eyes are the most important part of your face and beauty and they attract other people towards you. Today women are making themselves stylish and modern by applying liner in various shapes on their eyes. It has now become a trend to apply liquid or dry eye liner when going outside. If any girl wants to make her face clean and clear then she should to try to follow some important Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu.

Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu

If you want to get a long-lasting eye makeup then use best concealer as it also removes dark circles and patches under the eyes. Try to live happy and do not take too much stress. Before you reach for any products, curl your lashes. It really opens up your eyes.

When you apply eyeliner on your lower lashes, does it just below the lash line, not inside the rim. In particular, don’t let the line come all the way to the inner corner of your eye. This is one of the best Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu.

Lighter shadows make eyes look bigger, darker shadows make eyes look smaller. Using dark liner all the way around your eyes, especially in your waterline, makes them look smaller. Using a soft nude or white liner in your waterline will open up your eyes and make them look larger. Big, curled lashes are key.

Eye makeup tips in urdu

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