Fair Complexion Beauty Tips in Urdu

From the ancient times femininity has enormous inclination towards far complexion as it is a prominent sign of beauty. Ladies are used different kinds of home and medical remedies to find Fair Complexion Beauty Tips in Urdu. Milk has infinite qualities for beauty. Apply raw milk at your face and massage it regularly. It will leave excellent result and enhance the fair complexion. Milk is also used with honey, take some honey and milk in same proportion and make a mask. Apply it at skin gently and wash your after dry it. It will leave excellent result. If your skin is dry then use fresh milk cream beauty.

Take one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon lemon and one tablespoon of milk powder and make a mixture. And apply it on your face for 20 minutes then wash your face with fresh water.

For smooth and glowing skin, Mix 2 tablespoons of milk with one tablespoon of gram flour (besan) and a few drops of lemon juice. Make a mixture then apply it on your face and neck and leave it for twenty minutes. Wash your face with fresh water. It is a preferable tip for beautiful skin.

Tomato is excellent for fair complexion and fresh skin. You can directly apply tomato at your skin. Use the mask of tomato by mixing it with honey. It will leave an amazing effect at your skin. If pours of your skin are open then tomato paste also work well for Fair Complexion Beauty Tips in Urdu.

Fair Complexion Beauty Tips in Urdu

Fair complexion beauty tips in urdu

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