Lips Makeup Tips in Urdu

Lips Makeup Tips in Urdu; Lipstick is the last touch of your makeup. It completes your makeup look. Color of lipstick should be according to the look of your makeup. It should give a refreshing look to your face. Application of lipstick requires a lot of care. A little mistake can ruin your whole look. Application of lip liner after lipstick defines shape of your lips properly.

Lips Makeup Tips in Urdu

1) Apply a bit amount of moisturizer on your lips to make them soft. It will make the application of lipstick easy.

2) Apply little amount of foundation on your lips to make your lips even toned.

3) Define the shape of your lips with lip liner. Color of lip liner should be one shade darker than your lipstick. It will help you to apply the lipstick within lip line.

4) Apply lipstick with help of lip brush. It will make easy to apply lipstick. Keep your face relax while applying lipstick. Apply lipstick on lips from middle to outer corners. This is the one of the best Lips Makeup Tips in Urdu.

Lips makeup tips in urdu

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