Natural Beauty Tips in Urdu For Glowing Skin

Natural Beauty Tips in Urdu For Glowing Skin; Be prepared to put in a little work on the front end. “It usually takes three to six weeks to see results.” Everyone wishes to have a glowing and flawless skin. In today’s time, when pollution is more than population, it’s imperative to take extra care of the skin in order to prevent it from losing its natural moisture, glow and fairness.

Natural Beauty Tips in Urdu

Do you know raw milk is a natural facial cleanser? Yes, it is. I used raw milk every day on the face as a facial cleanser you know what it eject all the dirt and dead cells from the skin. It also doesn’t clog your pores so don’t worry about blackheads or whiteheads it soft’s them so they are easily remove by steaming.

Mix One tablespoon Gram flour (Besan), One teaspoon lime juice, One teaspoon turmeric and Rose. Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply on your face. Leave it till dry. Wash with cold water. This homemade face mask can be used on all skin types. This Natural Beauty Tips in Urdu gives very good result for naturally fair and glowing skin.

Natural beauty tips in urdu for glowing skin

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